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Supply chain management.

Smartin Consulting 's heritage lies in the origination and traditional supply chain segment, sourcing products for our global customers. However, the evolution of our business model over recent years has led us to develop new competencies in value chain.

This selective integration, using our adjacency-based growth strategy, enables us to take advantage of our competencies and expertise to benefit from excess returns and to take greater control from seed to shelf of our value chain.

Value chain

Never more so has the commodities and supply chain sector been more competitive. Whether an organisation is an established player within the sector, or one that is entering the market, excellent opportunities have arisen for both costumers and distributors.

The foundation for this activity is based on our knowledge and capabilities related to the management of food supply chains and the common distribution pipeline that we have built for related commodity products in global market.

Supply chain management

As supply chain managers, we were engaged in the sourcing of various agricultural commodities from the producing countries, which we provided to customers in the destination markets. This sourcing and supply involved primary processing, warehousing, transporting, and shipping, distributing and marketing and managing the risks at each stage of the supply chain.

From our founding in 1997, we evolved from a single country, single product trader to a multi-country, multi-product supply chain manager. In that process of evolution and development, the Smartin Consulting business model has grown both in depth as well as breadth, pursuing selected value chain adjacencies, which both complement and enhance our core supply chain model. The key to our strong core business is a repeatable and scalable formula that has allowed us to reinforce and expand the core in different ways.